Worman Commercial built 2750 Richter Street, Kelowna, features exposed red brick and black trim.  On the east side of the building is all commercial spaces and on the west, residential rentals.


We don't just build buildings, we build working environments that inspire.

The character of our buildings is the result of an ongoing pursuit of timeless elegance infused with modern innovation. These design principles demand a degree of passion reserved only to those who believe in meticulous attention to details and a relentless desire for perfection.

Our roots in commercial development are at the core of our design process that focuses on comfort, utility, and a sense of connection to the surroundings.

2900 Pandosy Street, Kelowna, built by Worman Commercial, uses exposed brick and concrete accents to make this building stand out from other commercial real estate

If our approach inspires you, please connect with us to see how our available leasing options can match your business needs. 


Sunset Sailboats

2540 Enterprise Way - Industrial/Commercial (Kelowna)

Sunset Sailboats

480 Royal Ave - Commercial/Residential (Kelowna)


2755 Tutt Street - Commercial (Kelowna)

3110 Lakeshore Road - Commercial (Kelowna)

2750 Richter Street - Commercial/Residential (Kelowna)

Riverside Village - Commercial (Penticton)

1110 Harvey Avenue - Commercial (Kelowna)

275 Lawrence Avenue - Commercial (Kelowna)

2900 Pandosy Street - Commercial (Kelowna)

590 KLO Road - Commercial (Kelowna)

4629 Lakeshore Road - Commercial (Kelowna)

1889 Spall Road - Commercial (Kelowna)

4624 Lakeshore Road - Commercial (Kelowna)